Feedlot Water Trough 3000 x 600 x 670mm (10′ x 24″ x 26″) WFLT30055

$750.00 ex GST

The 3m long feedlot water trough is perfect for feedlots. This product can also be positioned along fences and walls in stockyards and stables, where space is limited. The troughs are high and stock are less likely to step into the trough when nervous or  being moved. The feedlot trough is plumbed from below and the outlet can be upgraded to an optional PVC outlet (WPVC -riser option) for fast evacuation and cleaning. It comes with a standard brass plug. The feedlot trough also has cast in ferrules for optional endplate attachments to cover the plumbing access space. Cast in ferrules are also standard for the folded galvanised valve cover, included with the trough. Care must be taken when tightening screws at these points. Over tightening can damage the ferrule and cause concrete cracking. We recommend hand tightening only. The feedlot troughs have forklift tyne pockets for easy placement.


Dimensions: 3000 x 600 x 670mm (10′ x 24″ x 26″) 

Capacity/Weight: 350L / 900kg

Product code: WFLT30055

Concrete Strength

40 mpa concrete with 10mm gravel & washed fine sand


Poly Fibre (Food Safe), Steel


Hand finished to smooth surface to reduce injury, Vibrated to Australian Standard


Forklift tyne pockets for lifting


Cast in ferrules for post market end plate attachments included, Cast in ferrules for valve cover included






2" Brass Inlet

Steel Float Cover

Folded galvanised float cover included


3" Brass Outlet W/ 3" Brass Plug, Optional PVC Riser Available


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