Long Trough 3000 x 720 x 380mm (10′ x 28″ x 15″) WLT 30070

$710.00 $603.00 ex GST

This  10 foot long trough is one of our best sellers. Robust and value for money. It  is great for along or even under fences or as a stand alone in the paddock. It has low sides, making it easy to slide under a fence allowing access from 2 paddocks or yards. The trough has external dimensions of 720mm (28 inches) wide  and 380mm (15 inches) high. The trough is 3m long (10 foot). It is low enough for sheep and smaller animals like alpacas, llamas and miniature breeds and calves but robust enough for cattle. We find it perfect for weaners. Some growers like to raise the trough with our trough stands to satisfy the needs of larger beasts that like to get a bit argy bargy around a water trough. The trough comes with a galvanised float cover and 4inch brass plug for fast drainage and cleaning. The trough has cast in ferrules for the float cover. We recommend tightening the screws by hand only. Over tightening can damage the ferrules and also crack the concrete. Low mass makes it easy to unload and move around into position with a tractor. Just a little larger than the 8 foot long trough (WLT24055) but holds an extra 90L more. This trough can hold a volume of approx 430L. Great value for money.

Dimensions: 3000 x 720 x 380mm (10′ x 28″ x 15″)

Capacity/Weight: 430L / 960kg

Product code: WLT30070

Weight 960 kg
Dimensions 3000 × 720 × 380 mm
Concrete Strength

40 mpa concrete with 10mm gravel & washed fine sand


Poly Fibre (Food Safe), Steel


Hand finished to smooth surface to reduce injury, Vibrated to Australian Standard


Cast in ferrules for post market rail attachments if required






2" Brass Inlet


4" Brass Outlet W/ 4" Brass Plug

Steel Float Cover

Folded galvanised float cover included


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