Round Trough 2440 x 610mm (8′ x 2′) With Enclosed Float Chamber WRTX24060

$980.00 ex GST

The enclosed float chamber has a galvanised folded lid cover (not concrete) This is the big one in our range. It is manufactured with cattle in mind. It is also suitable for horses. (Some people say its big enough so skittsih and frisky horses can actually see it and not run into it!) This round trough has a deep 610mm side which ensures water is deeper and cooler. Cool cows are happy and healthy cows. The 2240mm diameter allows more stock to drink at the same time, reducing waiting times. Most calves over 2 weeks old can also access the water. The stock proof float chamber protects the valve and float from curious and playful stock. Cast in ferrules are included for the trough cover. We recommend tightening screws by hand only. Over tightening can damage the ferrules as well as crack the concrete. This big bertha has a mass over 2T so suitable lifting equipment is required to unload and position. This trough has cast in lifters on the base.

Dimensions: 2440 x 610mm (8′ x 2′) 

Capacity/Weight: 2100L / 2000kg

Product code: WRTX24060

Concrete Strength

40 mpa concrete with 10mm gravel & washed fine sand


Poly Fibre (Food Safe), Steel


Hand finished to smooth surface to reduce injury, Vibrated to Australian Standard


2" Brass Inlet


4" Brass Outlet W/ 4" Brass Plug


Cast in lifters





Steel Float Cover

Folded galvanised float cover included


Cast in ferrules for valve cover included


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